Monday, 4 August 2014

Getting to know me blog hop!!!

Getting to know me
Hello friends,
Today I am sharing a different blog post wherein I will be talking about my craft work and creative process involved in it. A few days back I was tagged for a Blog hop 'Getting to know me by Ramya Anand. Ramya has a blog by the name of KRIYA-TIVE KALEIDOSCOPE. She is a very talented crafter and loves to make cards, clay craft, altered art and jewelry etc. I would like to thanks Ramya for tagging me for this blog hop. Do drop in by her blog to see her beautiful creations.
First of all I would like to introduce myself. I am basically from Jaipur but came to Delhi last year after my marriage. I have done Ph.D in biotechnology after post graduation in same subject. I have previously worked as a post doctoral fellow in Jaipur. I am a cheerful and fun loving person and interested in learning new things. I live here with my husband and  happy in my small world.
I am relatively new to the blog-land and was introduced to the craft blogs when I was searching for some handmade card inspiration. At that time I came across Juhi Khanna's blog and was amazed to know that there is a whole new craft world there about which I didn’t knew anything. Now I know so many talented crafters from whom I get inspired and try to learn new things. I hope I will make some good friends here!!
In the end I will be introducing you two more talented fellow crafters.
So lets get on with the blog hop
 1.      Why do I write/create what I do??
Well it’s simple, because I love it. I have loved doing crafts since my childhood. At that time also I used to keep all the trash of the household so that I can alter/use it to make my projects like, houses, pen stands, decorative items etc. I was more inclined towards art, paintings and sketching rather than studies. As time passed I was more engrossed in my studies and so craft work was left behind. But after marriage I was free at home, thus I joined the craft world again.

2.      What I am working on?
Well I had crafted very much last month so right now I am relaxing ;). I also have to travel at this weekend so may be after coming back I will start my work again.

3.       How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I don’t think my work differs from others. I have always been inspired by seeing others work so it may seem to resemble them in way or another. I like to make my own stuff, like sprays, stencils, flowers but that doesn’t mean I don’t buy any stuff. I do spend on craft supplies which are necessary.

4.      How do I become inspired or stay inspired?
Inspiration can be anything and from anywhere. I get a lot of inspiration from pinterest and from my fellow crafters also. For mixed media projects I would look upon Shilpa from Neon diary (I just love her mixed media work), for layouts Gabrielle pollaco from such a pretty mess, and so on, there is a long list J.

5.      How does your writing/creating process work?
It starts with a visual inspiration which can be a challenge or other crafter’s work or sometimes an idea initiates the process. Google and Pinterest are two places from where I get a lot of inspiration. I begin my work and add things or more ideas into it simultaneously as it proceeds.

6.      How long does it take to create a project?
It simply depends on the project itself, however I am a very impatient kind of person and I am not relaxed till I finish my work. Mostly it takes two to three days for me to finish any project.

7.      What are my favourite things I love to create with at the moment?
I love doing mixed media projects be it on layouts, cards, shadow box or canvas. I love playing with different mediums and texture. I am also a little inclined towards shabby chic style and I also like to recycle household stuff. I have a carton full of packaging boxes; cereal boxes, tape rolls, plastic containers and bottles. I love making my own flowers, floral sprays. I usually make lot of them so that they can be used for many projects.  I enjoy making 3D projects like shadow boxes, canvas or altered art more than card making.

8.      What is my signature style?
Well I don’t think I have a signature style but mixed media and shabby chic work interests me most. I usually use a lot of flowers (handmade) on my projects and without them I feel that my work is incomplete.

I hope you liked reading this post and I would really thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment.
So lastly I am tagging my fellow crafters who have their own unique style of crafting. They will be sharing their post with you on the coming Monday (14th July)

Meeta Bhalotia: She is from Kochi and is owner of the The Quill Mill Crafts. She loves to do Quilling, Punch craft and all kinds of paper crafts and much more. Currently she is in DT of Kraftzone She has a passion for quiling and The Quill Mill Crafts aims to create many quilling products such as Quilled jewelery, watches, home decor, stationary etc. Below are some of her beautiful projects.

Creations by The Quill MIll

Sarah George: She is from Chennai and her blog is Sarah’s Art corner. She like quilling and nylon flower making. Whether paper crafts or home decor, shabby chic is her style. She also loves to try her hands on variety of crafts like glass painting, fabric painting, ceramic crafts, embroidery, and crochet. Below are some if her beautiful projects. 

Just check out their blogs and leave them some love. Looking forward to next Monday when they will be sharing their post.